Our Services

The Oil and Gas Industry is facing challenges, with low oil prices, no signs of early recover with constant changes in technology,  suppliers,  business models, it becomes really important to reduce cost, allowing your company to improve the profit margin and be aware of the new players in the market that eventually can bring innovative solutions or new supplier allies committed to your business. 

That’s why Integrated Supply Solutions offers to the Oil and Gas Industry and in general to any Industry, Supply Chain solutions to support the operation of your business, to help you reducing costs, improving quality, times, bringing new technologies and suppliers to your business.

At Integrated Supply Solutions we can managed services in a timeline according with your specific needs, from a full supply cycle solution to a specific segment of the cycle, aligning the supply chain cycle to your business strategy.

Integrated Supply Solutions is not only focused in bringing Supply Chain Solutions to the Industries, but also helping to find a solution to an specific need, we offer also services to commercialize your products in different markets like in the Oil and Gas Mexican/ American Market, helping you reduce the time to achieve your company goals locating the Key potential buyers of your products, exploring the necessities in the Mexican/ American Market, promoting the international trading between USA and Mexico, supporting during the logistics and export process of your products.

Depending on your business model we could act as your representative agent or being a commercialize agent to sell your products directly in the market.​

To achieve all these important issues, we offer you the following services:

  • Market Research Analysis.

  • Vision and Strategies/ Cost Analysis.

  • Supplier relationship Management/ Master Agreements.

  • Categories development.

  • Supply Chain Solutions/ Technologies/ cost models.

  • Support in bidding processes or specific projects.

  • Negotiation and Contracts.

  • Supplier and Risk Management.

  • Inventory Management/ Turnover ratio and obsolescence/ Just In time.

  • Payment process to assure the compliance.

  • Contracts Management.

  • Suppliers performance evaluation.

As part of this segment of services we offer:

  • Analysis Intelligence to locate business opportunities for your products.

  • Analysis Intelligence to locate the key customers for your products in the Mexican/ American Oil and Gas Market.

  • Documental support and advisor during a bidding or award process in the Mexican market of Oil and Gas.

  • Negotiation and Contracts.